Joy, darkness, and pain— 
every emotion experienced 
seeps into my art

As a graphic designer and creative professional for over three decades, 
I’m familiar with how power and empathy can break through the canvas. 

The weight of visual storytelling hadn’t hit home in regard to my own work 
until letting erupt freely was the only option. This wasthe hardest yearwe’ve all 
faced. Reflecting on recent environmental and societal experiences is a necessity.

 Joy, darkness, and pain— every emotion experienced seeps into my art
 in hopes of inspiring others to persevere. In this vein, fine 
art is therapeutic expression with purpose and agency. 

As the riots and protests passed by my building, knowing any approval 
from an industry known for systematically excluding Black and
 Brown artists wouldn’t come easily, I kept my head down and worked. 

The result was tangible evidence of transformation. The initial body 
of work yousee here is ten months of passion and labor. 

Sidney Woodruff